Thursday, September 30, 2004

PowerBook Geekfest

PowerBook Geekfest
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Eliza put me on a geek timer... I had 10 minutes.


She's getting out her major artillery:

- nail polish remover
- nail clippers (with built-in compartment)
- nail file
- cuticle remover
- cuticle scissors
- cuticle picker, edge-trimmer thingy (?)
- nail buffer
- some kind of cuticle pumice stone thingy

That's BEFORE the nail polish goes on!!!! I still have to exfoliate my hands, she says!!!!

Eliza's tools of the trade are out, and she's telling me to hurry up and exfoliate already, because the process takes at least an hour. With my inexperience, it is going to drag on for more than an hour...

"Concentrate, Gail!" Eliza said sternly*. I kept screwing up the polish, but I have the excuse of having much less practice. After all, Eliza does this at least 52 times per year, 51 x more often than I do...

* Disclaimer: Eliza isn't actually a Nail Nazi.